Buzz Training for Schools

Buzz Training for Schools

Sevenstar's current phone number is (513) 612-1029.  

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*Currently, we are linking to the Agilix Community for help desk articles as Buzz receives weekly system updates.  These resources contain the most accurate information on how to use Buzz.

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    • How can I observe my students progress in Buzz using an Observer Account?

      Observer Account Information Observer Accounts are issued to each school who has students currently enrolled in courses.  An announcement with the login information for this role will appear in the announcement area in Maestro. As an observer, you ...
    • SEVIS and SEVP and Virtual Schools

      Because we are a virtual school, we are able to serve international students without having to physically host students.  To learn more about SEVIS and SEVP go to
    • How do you print a student's due dates in Buzz?

      Printing Student's Due Dates in Buzz Student due dates can be printed the gradebook. You may need to set the Print option to Landscape in order to see all due dates (depending on your browser you are using). Learn more about the Performance tool ...
    • Student Transfer to a New School

      If a student is transferring between schools that both utilize the system. The new school will need to create a new account for the student. This is required to align to FERPA laws. The previous school will retain student academic records for the ...
    • How do schools deal with a struggling student in an online course?

      Upon discovering that one or more of your online students are struggling in their online courses, here are some questions to consider: Are work expectations clear to the student?   Is the student aware of their low performance?   Does the student ...