How do I close out the year for my online students?

How do I close out the year for my online students?

See the list below for some end of the year considerations for your students in online courses. All of them involve logging in to your student information system, Maestro.

  • Anticipate the end date. Know when your students’ online course end dates will arrive so that their completion is not a surprise to you or the student. The course end date is a hard deadline. Access cannot be granted again easily. 

  • Submit all extension requests before the deadline. Ideally, an extension will not be needed because students should be following their pace charts, but if you need to request an extension for your student, do so before the final two weeks of the enrollment to avoid paying extra. See the extension policy on our policy page. 

  • Prep for final exams, if applicable. Have students check to make sure all assignments are submitted and complete before starting the final exam for the semester. The virtual lab monitor should request the password for the final well in advance of the time the student needs to take it. A quiet class time which allows the student to finish the exam in one sitting should be provided. 

  • Obtain the final grade from the Official Transcript page in Maestro. If you used our online instructors and the end date has arrived, you can find your students’ final course grades in the Official Transcript section of Maestro. This is located in the Students tab after you click on your student’s name. (Obtaining final Dual Credit course grades involve a different process.) 

  • Update grade levels. Your online student’s grade level was included when their Maestro account was created, but you must update that grade level at the end of each year to maintain accuracy. Do this in the Maestro Personal Information section of the Students tab after click on your student’s name.

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