Parent/Guardian - Student Enrollment

Parent/Guardian - Student Enrollment

Parents/Guardians: Please check with your school about available options, as individual schools may have specific requirements for setting up a guardian account and enrolling students in courses. 

This quick start guide provides parents with the step by step directions needed to add students to the system by creating an application, order courses, and pay fees.

How to Add a Student

To add a student to the system, you will need to create an application for each student.
1. From the side menu, select Application and then Create Application.
2. Enter student information is all required fields and then select Save.
3. An email confirmation with the student's username and password will be sent once the application has been approved by the school.
The username will be assigned by the system. You will have to create a unique password.
The student's username and password will be sent to the email provided in the application for the student.
All student information (including passwords) can be updated at any time by selecting My Settings and then My Account.

How to Order a Course

If your school allows you to order courses online, you will first need to complete an application. This will add the student to your school's account and to your guardian account. Once the application has been accepted, the student's name will appear on the side menu of your guardian account.
NOTE: You will need to order a course for each student individually.

1. To order a course, select the Student Name on the side menu.
2. Select Order a Course.
3. Select the plus icon to add the course to your shopping cart.
4. A pop-up window appears where you may select the start and end date for the course and include any comments about this course order.
5. Select Order Course.
 Please follow the criteria to select start and end dates for courses. At this point, you have only placed the course order in the shopping cart. Your school must approve this order and a payment must be made for students to begin coursework. All courses will begin on a Monday once payment has been made. 
Select the Magnify Glass to view the course materials information before ordering to determine if additional materials will need to be purchased separately for a specific course title.
NOTE: There may be more than one listing for a specific course title. For example, Algebra 1 is listed with and without honors and also has Semester 1 or Semester 2 only options.

How to Pay Course Tuition and Fees

Once you have placed an order for all courses, you may pay the final invoice that includes all tuition and fees.
1. Select Pay for Order at the top of the course ordering screen and follow the payment prompts to remit payment by debit or credit card.
2. You may also choose to review the course orders by selecting Orders from the side menu or Order History tab.
NOTE: Please review the refund policy for your school before placing an order.

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