Can a student get more time in the course (extension)?

            This is called a course extension. Extensions are requested by the person who enrolled the student and must be placed before the final two weeks of the enrollment. The total amount of time in the course, even with the extension, cannot exceed 6 months for a half-credit course and 12 months for a full credit course from the time of the initial enrollment. At least 50% of the course must be completed by the student in order for the request to be considered. You may request up to an additional 4 weeks for a 1-semester class and an additional 8 weeks for a 2-semester class. The extension will be reviewed and you will receive notification within 1-2 weeks of the status of the request. Just applying for an extension does not automatically mean it will be granted, so it is best to make sure the student has been working regularly and consistently for the past 3-4 weeks before applying for an extension. The student logins and submission records are evaluated during the
            extension review process.

            If the request is granted, the extension will provide the student an opportunity to extend the target dates of the remaining assignments and will allow a timely completion of coursework.

            To learn more about course extensions, view the full course extension policy on the policy page.

            Credit Rescue, some Dual Credit, and ACT Prep courses cannot be extended. Contact Sevenstar Admissions to inquire about the possibility of extending a dual credit course.

            Parents: Please check with your school about available options, as individual schools may have various options related to this item.

            How to Request an Extension (as a school):

            1. In Maestro, select a student name.
            2. In the side menu, select Enrollment Change Request.
            3. Follow the onscreen directions to complete the form.

            How to Request an Extension (as Direct Enrollment Family):

            1. In Maestro, the guardian can select the enrollment change request link.
            2. Complete the form and submit.

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