Dual Credit Course School and Parent Access

            Here is what you need to know about Dual Credit courses:

            1. Most dual credit courses are not hosted in our learning management system (LMS) (Buzz). The courses are offered through the LMS of the school who is offering the course. This is why you do not get an account in our LMS when enrolling in a Dual Credit course. 
            2. Because the courses are hosted in a different LMS, the student’s scores are not connected to our Student Information System (SIS) (Maestro). Once the final grade for the student is reported by the college or university it will be available in our SIS. 
            3. Only the student is able to access the college course due to FERPA laws. However, some dual credit schools/parents have worked with students to take screenshots of their work and provide it to the parent or school to show progress.

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