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            Getting Started for Parents/Guardians

            Parents will have different rights in the online course system (Maestro) depending on the permission levels assigned by their school.  This article highlights the actions that can be accomplished through the parent login credentials based on the access given by the school. If you are a parent, please ask your school about the action steps you should take through your access in Maestro. If you are a school, please consider the actions that you want parents to take through their access in Maestro.  If you want to make changes to your current school account to accommodate the needs of your parents, please submit a new support ticket here: User Support Portal Home

            STEP 1: How to Log in as a Guardian/Parent

            There are two methods by which guardians and parents will receive their own login credentials.
            1. Some schools will create the guardian/parent account that will be attached to each student.
              • The parent will receive an email that includes their username, password, and school's weblink for the online course system.
            2. Some schools will ask the families to create their own account.

            STEP 2: Creating a Student Application

            Some schools request their parents to create an application for their students.  Other schools will create student accounts in the system.  If your school asks you to create an application for their online academic program, you will find step by step directions in the following article: Creating an Application

            STEP 3: Viewing and Ordering Courses

            All guardians are able to view the Demo Course Catalog from their login.  This is helpful to review the prerequisites and curriculum for a course that a student is considering taking online to help determine the best placement.  The demo course provides access to a full course (and not just a quick overview) with all lessons, videos, resources, assignments, projects, and discussions.  You can view the article: How to Access A Demo Course Some schools will allow parents to order student courses online.  If your school has given you instruction to order courses for your student, you will need these resources:
            1. Course Ordering and Paying
            2. Student Pace and Course Type Information
            3. Student Course Start and End Date and What Happens
            4. Cancel a Course Order

            STEP 4: Monitoring Student Progress

            Guardians that are provided a login from the school will be able to view their student progress in courses.  This information is posted on the dashboard.  There are several tutorial videos and resources to help guardians keep tabs on student progress.
            1. Progress Monitoring of a Student
            2. How to view Student Assignments and Due Dates
            3. How Students Communicate with Instructors
            Updated: 07 Sep 2018 08:26 AM
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