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            How can I add an Instructor to Maestro?

            Only Custom Partner schools have the ability to train and use their own instructors to instruct their students in our online courses.

            Three Reasons to Use Your Own Instructors

            Use your own instructors to allow your students’ online courses to be led by someone more directly affiliated with your school. Students new to online learning may enjoy that extra comfort they receive from already being familiar with their online instructor or knowing that face to face interaction is possible. There are tuition discounts (see pricing sheet in the community portal) for enrollments taught by your own instructors. Develop the skills of your instructors by allowing them an opportunity to facilitate learning in a different way. The growth of online learning means that instructors should gather experience teaching with technology in online courses. 


            When using your own instructor, they:
            • Decide what standards to maintain for student progress. We recommend using our progress policy as a guide, but partner school instructors are not monitored through our accountability system.
            • Grade submitted assignments and decide whether or not certain assignments can be retaken. 
            • Decide the nature of and how much contact your students receive. 
            • Manage the purchase and use of required instructor materials, like instructor's editions of textbooks or online resources used in the course. 
            • Stay within the remains of the original start and end dates unless schedule changes are approved. 


            To become certified to teach your online courses, your instructors must complete a 2-4 hour online, training course, at a price (see the price sheet in the community portal for more information). This fee includes one semester of instructor mentoring. A teacher account must be created in Maestro to start this process. At least two weeks need to be allowed between the time the teacher accounts are created and the time you need to enroll students in their classes. The training content will remain in your instructor's account even after the course concludes. Once certified, your instructors can facilitate any online course we offer as long as they have mastered the subject matter. We do not test your instructor’s mastery of the subject matter. Once signed up for a teacher account, we assume the partner school instructor has already viewed and approved of the course content through your electronic course catalog account. 

            PLEASE NOTE: If you use your own instructors, we do not provide transcript information for your students. Also, only Sevenstar instructors can teach specialty courses such as ESL, ACT, SAT, AP Computer Science and Credit Recovery (Credit Rescue) courses. 

            Maestro "Add a Teacher" Process  

            This video describes how partners can add a teacher and request training in the Maestro system. Depending on your roles and rights in the system, you may see something different from what is shown or described in the following video.


            Please see School forms if you would like to utilize your own instructor:

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