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            How can I observe my students progress in Buzz?

            Observer Account Information
            • Observer Accounts are issued to each school who has students currently enrolled in courses.  An announcement with the login information for this role will appear in the announcement area in Maestro.
            • As an observer, you can view course content and grades for a particular enrollment, but cannot submit assignments or take assessments. 
            • Students on the observer account are updated each week by 5pm (EST) Tuesday to reflect add active students for the school.
            • We do not generally removed past students as some schools like to keep record of completed students.  
            • If you would like only active students on your list, please contact support directly and we can update your list to only active students. Summit Helpdesk Ticket

            • Review the Observer role tool breakdown to learn more about the observer account

            To begin, you will need to log into the Observer Role account setup for your school at this website login.

            Select the arrows to expand the Sign In option

               then click on Use Application Login as shown here  

             Step 1: Login with your School's Observer Role Account and Select a Student's Name

            Step 2: Select the Performance tool to view Grades, Instructor Feedback, Due Dates, Etc. for a Single Course

            Step 3: Select a title for More Details of the assignment

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