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            How do I Add and Assign Student Monitors?

            Only Custom Partner Schools can assign Student Monitors.  

            The Partner Coordinator is the only role in the system that can create and assign student monitors.

            This video describes how partner coordinators can add and assign student monitors in the Maestro system. Depending on your roles and rights in the system, you may see something different from what is shown or described in the following video. Only Partner Coordinators can add student monitors to the system.  

            1. Steps to Add a Student Monitor into Maestro

            2. Steps to Assigning Students to a Student Monitor

            Go to the Student Monitor Tab, Click on the name of the Student Monitor you wish to add students to.

             Click on Current Students 

            Click on Add/Remove Students

            Select the students you wish to add to this Student Monitor

            Be sure to click Save to complete adding students to this Student Monitor

            Updated: 19 Feb 2019 12:56 AM
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