How do I obtain an official transcript?

            Your school may require a different process to obtain official transcripts.

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            This video will help you understand the process:

            Parchment Video on Process

            Upon request, we will apply grades to an official Sevenstar transcript only for courses that are taught by Sevenstar/Online instructors. Any course that is taught by a partner school instructors will not appear on an official Sevenstar transcript. To receive an official transcript, please follow these directions:

            Go to Parchment and create an account in the student’s name using Sevenstar Academy as the school. This video will walk you through the process Parchment Create Account Video.

            You will be prompted to request where you want the transcript sent, and the delivery method. You have the option to request as many transcripts as you need.

            Pay the $10 processing fee for each transcript.

            Once you have completed the above process, we will send your transcripts. If you have questions on this process, please use the support tab or the FAQ tab on this site.
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