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            How do I view my due dates in Buzz?

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            Blackout Dates for Assignment Due Dates

            You are expected to maintain an active pacing schedule in your online courses. Target due dates for each assignment and assessment are provided to help you stay on track. These due dates are assigned based on the start and end date for your course and the weight (or points) of each assignment. You will see assignments due starting a few days after the start of your class (usually) and your final assignment a few days before the end of your class (usually).  You will never have assignments on Saturday or Sunday.  There also are some blackout dates already set up in the system for certain times of the year when no assignments will be scheduled. You can submit work and take exams if needed on any day; however, no work will be
            during the weekends and blackout dates.

            Planning for Success:

            Our progress policy encourages you to work consistently in your course, even though you are provided with a 14 day grace period on your target due dates to allow for planned or unplanned absences. If you have questions about how the blackout dates might impact your planned breaks from a particular course, be sure to discuss this with your instructor and/or school.

            You should review your target due dates on the first day of your course. 

            It is a good practice for you to create your own pacing schedule to complete assignments in a timely manner. 

            IMPORTANT NOTES:
            1. You are allowed to submit work on any date while enrolled in your course (even on a blackout date).
            2. You can use the blackout periods to catch up on your assignments or to turn in work ahead of schedule.
            3. Some blackout periods last for several days (for example, Christmas and New Year's break). If you are completing your course in a 6 or 12 week time period, then you are expected to submit work during the blackout periods. These are weeks that you should be submitting work to document your time in the course. You should not use these blackout periods as a break. No new assignments will be assigned during this period, however, if you want to count this period as one of your 6 or 12 weeks then you must submit work. You must submit at least one assignment each and every week. Please ask your instructor if you are not sure about this requirement. 
            Updated: 06 Sep 2018 01:19 AM
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