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            How do I view Student Attendance with the First and Last Login Date Report?

            There are many reports in the online course system (Maestro) to help you review enrollment details, monitor student progress, and keep tabs on student attendance. This particular report allows you to view student attendance. If you are a partner coordinator, virtual lab monitor, registrar, teacher, or an enrollment coordinator, you can use the following information to quickly identify the last time a student logged into Maestro. This information is useful with helping to keep students engaged in their courses.

            1. Login to the online course system (Maestro). 
            2. Select the Reports  tab.
            3. Run the Student Attendance with First and Last Login Date report.
            4. In the column labeled Number of Days Since Last Login change the dropdown to greater than and put 7 in the box directly below it.

            This will tell you which students haven’t logged into their online course system (Maestro) in over a week.

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