How to Report Grades

            It is important to form a grade reporting strategy within your partnership.

            Courses taught by our instructors will have a semester and final grade per their grading scale policy.

            Further, you can expect our instructors to:
            • Report a mid-term grade after a student takes the semester exam. 

            • Report a final grade within 3 days of the course completion or when the target due dates run out-whichever comes first. 

            • Report a percentage rather than a letter grade. We leave it to you to decide what letter to assign to the percentage. 

            • Communicate any percent grade 60% or higher as a passing grade. If you have a different pass/fail policy, you will need to communicate this to parents and students beforehand so that they are not confused. 

            Reporting Strategies 

            If your school reports grades the same way we do, then you will not need to do anything out of the ordinary.

            Some schools, who do report grades the same way, find that they can integrate online courses into their usual reporting style by entering all assignment grades into their school management systems. Maestro can provide the assignment grades you need to do
            this, if desired.

            Still other schools decide to go the simpler route and just report their online course grades as unique courses on their transcripts.

            You always have more options if you choose to use your own instructors because that means we will not require any particular grade reporting style for enrollments.
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