Is My Online Course Compatible with Chromebook?

            The answer is maybe. Depending on the course and the requirements of the course, students using Chromebooks may be able to fully access the course or access just portions of the course. The reason for the varied levels of access is: 

            1. Chromebook doesn’t support all plugins and functionality found in traditional computers.  See Helpdesk Article on Flash

            2. Chromebook doesn’t allow for traditional software to be installed.

            When considering to take a course using a Chromebook the following items should be considered:

            1. Does the course utilize functionality not supported by Chromebooks? For courses delivered through the Buzz system, it is recommended that users access the demo course and review the course content to see if any course content is missing.

            2. Does the course require specialized software to be installed to complete the course? If the answer to this question is yes, students will need access to a traditional computer to complete the course. Students could still access portions of the course with their Chromebook.

            3. Do workarounds exist to make it possible to utilize my Chromebook in a course? Perhaps. Since Chromebooks support additional Apps, it is possible that new Apps or other workarounds exist to make courses more functional with Chromebooks.

            4. We do suggest that if a student can’t upload an assignment, that they utilize a service like Google Drive or Dropbox, to upload the assignment, create a URL, and submit the URL, instead of uploading the assignment.
                 5.  You can also read the attached document on Chromebook assistance. 
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