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            Proctor Form and Passwords for Exams

            *** All mid-terms and finals are password protected. ***

            The purpose of semester exams is to assist in validating that students have demonstrated mastery of key course concepts and learning standards.  Semester exams are not the sole determiner of student achievement; however, students are required to take these exams in order to be eligible for course credit.  To maintain academic integrity, all semester exams are required to be proctored by an adult selected by the enrolling party (either family and/or school).

            Prior to and/or during each exam, the proctor will:
            • Review Sevenstar’s academic integrity policy and monitor student adherence to it.
            • Provide a distraction-free environment for student testing.
            • Ensure instructions are followed and only approved materials are utilized.
            • Verify the identity of the student taking the semester exam.

            What Students Need To Know and Do:

            Some partner schools will select the proctor for each student.  Please confirm with your school who will be the designated proctor.  All others may select a parent or guardian to serve as a proctor for the semester exams.

            Students are expected to submit a completed proctor form for each online course. This form cannot be emailed or faxed.  Students are expected to provide their proctor with their instructor's email address for easy communication. Only the designated proctor will receive the password.

            The completed proctor form will be submitted in the student orientation folder for each course. A copy of the proctor form is also located here and at the bottom of this article.

            What the Proctor Needs to Know and Do:

            As the proctor, you will sign the proctor form stating that you understand the following statements:  

            ·          I will uphold the Academic Integrity Policy for this student’s online course.

            ·          I will verify the identity of the student taking the semester exam.

            ·          I will provide a distraction-free environment for student testing.

            ·          I will obtain the password before the start of the exam.

            ·          I will not assist the student in any way to answer the questions on his/her exam.

            ·          I will ensure instructions for the exam are followed and only approved materials are utilized.

            ·          I will remind the student to upload any final assignments he/she needs to submit before taking the exam.

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